Flat roof coatings come in various forms, but they all offer the same advantages over a full re-roofing: Lower cost + easy application = very little disruption for a business owner.
Flat roof coatings from Jakes Roofing and Coatings can be applied to metal, asphalt built-up, modified bitumen, and single-ply roofs. Flat-roofed buildings are often found on commercial buildings due to construction costs. Simply put, they are easier to install than sloped roofs. A flat-roof structure doesn't need any advanced construction support and they also are much safer to access and, thus, maintain. They are the do-it-all generic roof, and that's why there are so many, especially on businesses.
While flat roofs are cheaper to build initially, they do not come without long term problems. These types of roofs can be difficult to maintain because there is usually nowhere for rain water to go. Standing water or ponding water is the No. 1 problem for flat roofs, and leaks are generally the main problem for any type of flat-roof surface if the roof is not properly maintained. In addition, the sun hits the entire surface of the roof, not just portions like  a sloped roof.
Flat roof coatings are the economical solution for flat-roof owners who don't have the budget or time for a complete re-roofing. If you are the owner of, say, an apartment complex or warehouse with a flat roof, the challenges in working around a re-roofing can be a nightmare with tenants and workers. Flat roof coatings can be applied in just a few hours, and customers will enjoy all the benefits of modern science in a roof.
Flat roof coatings from Jakes Roofing and Coatings will stop rust on those metal roofs and leaks on every type of roof. It's a seamless, lightweight, weatherproofing coat that the water simply can't penetrate. In addition, it's highly reflective, meaning it will keep your roof from absorbing all of the the sun's ultraviolet rays and heat, thus acting as a barrier against potential cracking or splintering (it expands and contracts with the temperature) as well as helping to lower the overall temperature of the building. Our white flat roof coatings meet the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency and you will find that you can save upwards of 30% on your energy bill. On a large building, the costs can be significant. Lower cooling bills will also mean less stress on HVAC systems.
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