Roof coatings from Jake's Roofing and Coatings will help to eliminate chronic leaking, ponding and decay. We even utilize your existing roof which can save you a significant amount of money. Weather and wind resistant, these coatings not only waterproof your roof, but they do not add significant weight to your building. All of the products we install are white "reflective” coatings. They reduce the overall heat of your building while reflecting solar heat which can cut air conditioning costs significantly, in some cases, by upwards of 30%.


  • Elastomeric roof coatings form an “elastic” membrane on top of your existing roof. Because it stretches and contracts, it will not crack like many roofing materials. This makes your roofing waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Metal roof coatings are an acrylic coating that ends chronic problems with metal roofing. The process we employ fully restores your current roof as preparation for the final application of the coating. Owners and building managers have seen 20 years of rust-free, leak-free extended life of their roof.
  • Reinforced ply systems have a tough fabric imbedded between layers of acrylic roof coating for added strength.
  • Rubber roof coatings increase the life of an EPDM roof, at far less cost than full roof replacement. They extend the life of a new roof while ensuring leak-free performance.
  • Single ply systems are affordable options. Sheets are unrolled over the surface of your roof and then fastened and heat-sealed to your existing roof. It looks great and lasts for years.


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